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BADDS Auto-calculating profile/score sheet and Class/Group Assessment Sheet

  • Both the BADDS auto-calculatng profile/score sheet and the auto-calculatng Class/Group Change Assessment Sheet are interactve PDF’s (Portable Document Format) that can easily be filled out on your computer screen using free Adobe® Reader®. The electronic profile/scoring sheet will automatcally calculate the total scores for each scale as you enter the client’s answers. It will also provide a brief narratve statement regarding the client’s level of impaired driving risk indicated by client responses on each scale, and prefill client informaton on the postest form for the convenience of administrators who are giving the BADDS at both pretest and postest. The electronic class/group assessment sheet will automatcally calculate, in percentages or by comparing averages, how much the score of a group or class has improved from the pretest to the postest on each scale as you enter partcipants’ scale scores (up to 30 partcipants). Your entered data can be easily printed or saved for later viewing on both the individual and group forms.
  • View Demo Video of Profile/Score Sheet

    View Demo Video of Class/Group Change Assessment Sheet





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